So you want to compete?

Which Comp & When to start?

I provide training on and off-season so we can start as soon as you'd like to, building muscle for competitions is the KEY POINT  in a Bodybuilding competition. 

We can build for as long as you like then I usually recommend a period os 10-14 weeks to shred down for the comp. There are competions running all year round with different federations so we can decide all of this together.

Training + Nutrition

In person or online training plans available from week 1 until competition day!

Focusing on muscle maintenance and accentuating those curves!

Mindful eating and a diet that can be as varied as you like and tailored to your likes and dislikes.

Who said you can't shred down for stage but still have chocolate?! 

Stage Posing & Bikini Choice

I can provide Posing classes for UKBFF compatitions and can create stunning stage bikinis (added costs)