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About fittie

I'm Chrissie - An Icecream Obsessed Fittie

So lets start by saying I'm not a scary shouty female Personal Trainer. Yes I have muscles, yes I'm strong, yes I have competed in Bodybuilding competitions but I'm a girly girl with the heart of an Amazonian Warrior Princess  #wonderwoman

I am a level 3 Qualified PT and I am also qualifed in Pre & Post Natal Exercise and Nutrition, Nutrition for Sport & Exercise, GP referral (so clients with various health issues ie: Athsma Arthritis, Anxiety & Depression are in safer hands) 

I have been a female Personal Trainer in Brighton and Hove for nearly 3 years part-time ( I juggled other jobs.... Office, waitressing, Hair Dressing and PASTRY CHEF OF ALL THINGS!) just so I could keep going in this forever growing competitive industry.

I work with my clients on a one to one basis and most turn into life long friends, I have clients I have been training for years and it has been a pleasure to see them gain strength and confidence. I have trained Men, Women and children , one on one and group bootcamp classes. I would say though that my focus is women's strength training so ping me a message if you girls want to build curves and design the body you want to love and live in!

I can help as much or as little with Nutrition as you'd like. I run a very Mindful practice so I tend to steer away from strict food plans and have a more REAL LIFE APPROACH. (yes you can have chocolate, yes you can have a G&T*)


Chrissie Tedora - Fittie Personal Training Brighton - Female Personal Trainer

Chrissie Tedora - Fittie Personal Training Brighton - Female Personal Trainer